CV Writing

Preparing  a good CV/ resume can be one of the toughest challenges during job hunting.  It is also an ART . Not everyone is skilled at it . Most employers spend just a few seconds scanning each CV before sticking it in the 'Yes' or 'No' pile. 
1. Keep it real!
Ideally a CV should be 2-3 pages. Employers spend, on average, just 8 seconds looking at any   CV, and a surefire way of landing yourself on the no pile is to let them through your complete biography. Keep it short, to the point, and save those minute little details for the interview if required.
2. Customise it
We've all done it. Forwarded the same CV out to lots of employers simultaneously to save time. Don’t do it… Take   time to modify your CV for each role that you apply for. Get to know about the company , browse it’s website and use the job advert to work out EXACTLY what skills you should highlight in your CV. They will see through your effort.
3. Include a personal statement
Don’t just assume an employer will see how your experience relates to their job. It’s better if you use a short personal statement to explain why you are the best suited for the job. This should be reflected in your cover letter as well
4. Don't leave gaps in your career
Leaving obvious gaps on your CV immediately makes employers suspicious   and u won't get the benefit of the doubt. If you’ve been out of work it can be a worry but just put a positive spin on it. Did you do a course, volunteer work or develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork or project management? If so, then mention about it! 
5. Keep it current
You should keep your CV up-to-date whether you’re looking for a job or not. Every time something significant occurs in your career, record it so you don't later forget something that could be important.
6. The error of your ways
Employers DO look for mistakes on CVs and if they find them, it makes you look really bad. With most employers experiencing massive volumes of applicants right now, giving them the excuse to dismiss your application because of avoidable errors is not going to help you secure an interview. If you're unsure then use a spellchecker and ask someone else to double-check what you've written.  
7. Tell the truth
Everyone lies on their CV, right? NO! Stop! Lying on your CV can land you in a whole heap of trouble when it comes to employers do your background verification process. The last thing you want is to start work and then lose your new job for lying. You also may get caught out at the interview stage when you suddenly can't answer questions on what you claim to know. And that can be really awkward and troublesome for you .
8. The maths
This may sound dull but by backing up your achievements with numbers it makes selling yourself much easier. When writing your work history, don’t just say that you increased sales; tell them you increased sales by 70% over a six month period. Get it? Big numbers are especially good (but do not lie).
9. Make it look good
We live in a world where image is everything, and that also goes for your CV. Take some time to pretty it up... Use bullet points and keep sentences short. Use the graphic design trick of leaving plenty of white space around text and between categories to make the layout easy on the eye. You can also approach a professional CV writer to give your CV a professional neat look. 
10. Make it keyword friendly
If you’ve uploaded your CV to a job site so recruiters can find you, keywords are very important. Job titles and job buzzwords will help a search engine pick out your CV from the pile. Confused? Don't be. A marketing candidate might mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization), direct marketing and digital marketing among their experience and skills, for example... If you're not sure, have a search online and see what words are commonly mentioned when you input your job title. Stand out from the crowd to get noticed better instead of being lost in the ocean of job hunters


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