How to Face a Job Interview Wisely
Here are some three tips to help you.
1.  Research ahead of time – Even before requesting an interview, but at least prior to the interview itself

One of the first questions that many applicants cannot answer is: What do you know about this company and the position for which you are applying?
The best way to answer this question is to actually do some research on the said company. Go through its website
This not only prepares you for the interview, but it also helps you come across as intelligent, well experienced and knowledgeable with reference to your profession. In the research process, it is possible that you actually may come across some information that might cause YOU to re-think your desire to join the company. Research will definitely help you have a more successful interview.
2.  What do you have to offer our company if hired?

Contemplate this question before the interview, because this is a basic, important idea – Why are you a good fit for the job? This question may be asked directly during the interview.
Make sure you read the job description carefully and can list a few reasons – three or four should do the job. When asked, give a brief run-through idea of your understanding of the job, your areas of expertise, knowledge and skills gained and how they are utilized in the job and in this corporate environment.
This will give the interviewer a basic idea of your understanding of the profession as well as the job profile, combined with information about the key responsibilities of the said job.
3.  Prepare your own set of questions

No interview is over without cross questioning.
In fact, the process of your asking any questions about the company only further prove how experienced you are in your line of profession. Also, it is important that you ask questions, because this is one of the best opportunities you will ever have to find out information about the company.
Ask about the past, present and future of the company and your position; include as much detail as possible. Your questions will prove your interest for the job and will demonstrate that you are a serious applicant .
How can you handle this upcoming interview successfully?

Whether you are looking for your first job or your tenth, and regardless of your initial impression of the job opportunity, prepare thoroughly.
A proper, serious preparation, combined with good interview techniques will ensure that the interviewer will regard you not only as a strong candidate but also as an intelligent performer.


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