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Why Become a Member?
One of the key objectives would be to organize regular online and offline interactions & networking amongst professionals, within their industries and outside, but well within the realm of their chosen profession. No diversion and full focus.
To add to this, Fossilace would provide a platform for individuals and companies to consider training, sharing and learning in formal and informal environment. Senior professionals may offer their valuable experiences and knowledge to mentor young talent and nurture a brighter future. Many professionals may opt to offer time as consultants and advisors that fill any void in organizations that seek such expertise.
Membership Benefits
For a member, the benefits are immense. From immediate gains to long-term professional growth are tangible benefits.
For job seekers, active or passive, this platform can provide the visibility and connections to the reach the next career destination. At many times, getting the job that provides 'satisfaction', both in monetary and work-life balance terms, is difficult. This involves deeper research into success criteria and evaluation of short and long term goals. It is important to seek and ask for knowledge and information so as to make the right decisions. By interacting with people from the same fraternity, the next change (perhaps the best) is round the corner for a job aspirant and maybe an extraordinary talent for the employer.
Every passing day teaches something to everyone. Experiences of each day can be useful the very next or somedays later. Education and knowledge gaining process is continuous, But the effort to go through the process could be a deterrent at times. At Fossilace, that happens much easily. Training and learning programmes, from the industry of your interest, would provide you the needed 'trick of the trade' secret to make it easy on the rainy day.
Fossilace would provide an opportunity to generate leads from other people who are in the market and might be letting go of an opportunity they sight, for various reasons. They could just pass this on to the right person at the right place and right time.
There are plenty more. Watch this space regularly for updates.
Member Activities
Monthly online / offline gatherings with serious interactive sessions, addressing current and relevant topics pertaining to different industries would be a method in the madness to gain that crucial edge. Not only people, competing or complementing in the market otherwise,to meet in a cordial atmosphere and exchange much more than pleasantries. The take-away is much to large to describe. To cap these monthly interactions, at local city levels, a national convention (perhaps with international participation) would be an event to look forward to every year.


Fossilace is a platform for job opportunities across verticals , across geographies and across experience levels .We offer HR and Recruitment Solutions besides training , employability solutions and also assist with our partners in providing accounting , payroll and start-up solutions. We work with a broad range of clients, from early-stage start-ups to large global organizations as well as highly respected Indian corporations in the Technology, Knowledge Services, Banking and Financial Services sectors in India. We are dynamically organized to provide qualitative and customized solutions according to the clients needs and requirement across this spectrum of clientele.